The Agriculture Industry loves LINE-X.  We can protect things you probably never even thought to protect.

Livestock trailers are constantly rusting out and getting damaged from daily use.  Let us LINE-X it and watch your trailer stand up to a morning haul like never before.  Fertilizer handling & transport equipment, and most farm equipment can benefit from LINE-X as well.  We can prevent rust and corrosion from creeping up on your most vauable investment.  If it takes a beating, we can help.


From large manufacturing plants or facilities to small industrial machines, we can make a difference.  From enhancing durability, to making sure your units stay cleanable and presentable, LINE-X will bring value anywhere.


Regular homeowners have all kinds of everyday problems.  Everything from leaking roofs, to cracked concrete, to rotting wood and slippery steps.  LINE-X can be applied anywhere, and most of the time we can solve problems that you wouldn't even think to ask.